Biohazard Cleaning, Crime Scene Cleanup, & Suicide Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleaning

If a biohazard event or crime happens on your property, you may need some restoration work done by a professional. Biohazard cleaning is a process that involves removing, cleaning, and disinfecting potentially harmful substances such as blood, bodily fluids, chemicals, and biological materials that may be present following an accident, death, or outbreak of a contagious disease. It aims to eliminate any potential health risks associated with these substances and ensure the safety of those who may come into contact with them. Biohazard cleaning is a specialty service that VIP Restoration provides in Lanham, Maryland. Our technicians have the necessary training, licensing, certification, and specialized equipment for biohazard cleaning.

At VIP Restoration, we understand that situations requiring biohazard cleaning can be the result of traumatic events such as accidents, crimes, or outbreaks of contagious diseases. We know that dealing with these situations can be difficult and emotional, so our technicians approach every client with empathy and sensitivity.

In case of a crime, we ensure that the police investigation of the scene is complete before beginning our cleanup and restoration process. Our professionals are trained to clean contaminated surfaces safely and remove any unsalvageable materials from the area, so you can rest assured that your space will be left safe and clean.

Professionals at VIP Restoration know the seriousness of handling biological and chemical material that can be harmful. Hence, we ensure that biohazard cleaning follows government regulations and environmental and health bodies. When you hire VIP Restoration for biohazard cleaning, you can rely on them to ensure the process is safe for anyone on the property or nearby. As professionals, we handle biohazard cleaning with the respect and professionalism that the situation demands. 

Biohazard Cleaning Services

Dos and Don'ts In The Aftermath of a Biohazard

  • If the situation demands, call emergency personnel, like in case of a crime, accident, or life-threatening incident. 
  • Keep away from the area as far as possible. This will help to preserve evidence at a crime scene or protect you from exposure to any hazardous substance.
  •  Any body fluid or unidentified material is to be treated with caution and to be considered a contaminant. Professionals like our team at VIP Restoration have the training and tools to handle potentially infectious materials safely. 
  • Leave cleanups of biohazards to the professionals. Avoid trying to clean the area on your own.
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