Even after a fire is put out, the smoke and soot in the area can cause harm to people and property. Sometimes even small or contained fires can have smoke that travels to other parts of a building, causing damage and harm. Experts must handle fire damage mitigation to ensure that damage is limited and that the building and its inhabitants are safe from hazards that can happen after a fire. Professionals like us at VIP Restoration have the knowledge, skill, equipment, and protective gear to clean and restore your property safely after fire damage.

VIP Restoration knows the importance of speedy action after disasters like fire damage. Our emergency services are available at all hours all through the year. Call us at (240) 370-6634 for any fire emergencies, and we will respond immediately.

Immediately After A Fire

  • Immediately after a fire, after contacting emergency services and us, you may want to contact your insurance company. As you wait for our arrival, VIP Restoration advises you to stay safe until we arrive. 
  • If you feel unsafe inside the building, get out of it.
  • Be cautious of electrical hazards; do not use or on any electrical devices.
  • Be aware that there may be slip and fall hazards in a fire-damaged building due to weakened structures after the fire and water damage due to water used to put out the fire.
  • If you are sure of the safety of the building, you may enter it and air it by opening doors and windows.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Our professionals from VIP Restoration will inspect the affected area and surroundings to determine the extent of the damage due to fire, smoke, and soot. Based on this, we chalk out our plan of action. We collaborate with others involved in cases of fire emergencies, like the insurance company, fire department, and investigators. 

Fire damage can weaken the structure of a building, including the roof, windows, doors, and walls. For the security of the building and to shield it from external elements and further damage, we can board up the places where windows or walls or damaged. If the roof is damaged, a tarp is used to protect the building till it is fixed. To facilitate the work and secure the area, we help to install emergency power for temporary lighting. We also remove debris and start temporary structural repairs necessary for the restoration to continue. 

When there is a fire, the water used to put it out usually also leads to water damage. In that case, the water must be removed, and the area dried. VIP Restoration has a team of water damage restoration technicians and the latest water extraction and drying equipment. We ensure that the water damage is mitigated as soon as possible. 

Our technicians at VIP Restoration are trained and skilled in the techniques and use of equipment to remove smoke and soot left on walls, floors, and other surfaces after a fire.

After removing objects and materials irrevocably damaged by the fire, help pack, relocate, and clean the salvageable objects and materials. We help to restore electronics, documents, and art pieces. 

Finally, some repair and reconstruction work may be necessary to return to a pre-damage condition. Companies like VIP Restoration can handle all the steps in the fire damage restoration process, including construction work.  

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