storm damage

Storm Damage Mitigation

Maryland has warm and humid summers, cold, snowy, and windy winters, and partly cloudy skies for most of the year. It does experience some days of severe weather like thunderstorms, hail, strong wind, and flooding. But nature can turn violent without warning, and strong winds, hail storms, snow, and thunderstorms can all lead to property damage. 

At VIP Restoration, we understand the havoc caused by storm damage and the importance of an emergency response. You can reach us 24/7 at (240) 370-6634 for a quick response. We always reach sites promptly, no matter the size of the storm damage. 

We focus on making homes and commercial buildings clean and safe enough for use as soon as possible. We understand that time is of the essence to minimize the inconveniences our customers face after storm damage and to limit the risk of complications like mold growth or weakening of the building structure. 

Storm damage needs to be attended to by certified technicians to ensure safety and swiftness. We have highly-qualified water damage restoration specialists with experience dealing with storm damage. At the onset, we work on water damage mitigation first. Water damage mitigation is prioritized to limit the water damage from spreading and worsening. After water damage mitigation, the water damage restoration process is then carried out with customization dispensing on the nature of storm damage. 

Flooding is common after storms, necessitating flood cleanup services. Even when floodwater is contaminated, our team at VIP Restoration has the training and protective gear to handle it safely. We use the latest equipment to ensure that water removal and drying are carried out swiftly but thoroughly. Our water damage restoration process meets industry standards. VIP Restoration follows local guidelines for storm damage restoration in Lanham, Maryland.

storm damage mitigation

VIP Restoration is quick to swing into action when an emergency occurs in the DMV Area. You can rely on us for the best storm damage restoration services in the area.

roof tarp

Roof Tarp Services

After a storm, the roof of your building might be damaged due to strong winds, hail, and fallen trees or their branches. In such cases, roof tarping is needed on an emergency basis. A strong tarp is placed over damaged roof parts, secured, and nailed to the roof frame or shingles. It is an emergency measure to protect the home or office from further damage. Tarping will shield your home from further severe weather or unwanted natural elements till the roof repair can be completed. 

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