Our Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration Process

When you contact us for a water damage emergency, VIP Restoration immediately responds and sends personnel for inspection and planning to help guide you through the insurance claim process. 

The water damage restoration process includes all the steps taken to restore a property affected by water damage to a condition as close as possible to its pre-damage state. At VIP Restoration, we follow stringent procedures customized according to the category and extent of water damage and the requirements based on the property. The steps in the water damage restoration process are:

Our trained personnel inspect your home or property and assess the extent of water damage. When needed, we help stop the source of water. We help you understand the situation, and the water damage restoration plan is chalked out and explained. We brief you on the hazards present and help you understand what can be repaired and what may need replacement.  

Water must be removed or extracted immediately to prevent the water damage from worsening. This step will help reduce the risk of mold growth and structural damage. We use the latest, industry-grade equipment to ensure as much water as possible is removed in this step.

Our technicians tell you what materials are irreversibly damaged and cannot be restored. Such objects or materials are removed as swiftly as possible from the area to fasten the drying and to prevent water damage from spreading to unaffected areas. 

We use cleaning products that are safe and effective to clean and disinfect floors, furniture, and objects in the affected building. This is important to get rid of any contaminants and harmful organisms and ensure the safety of the occupants of a building. 

Water damage restoration experts know that even after visible water has been removed, there is a lot of hidden moisture exists in a water-damaged building. At VIP Restoration, we have the latest equipment that dries water that is present on surfaces and has been absorbed into materials. We aim to bring the moisture levels within a building to an acceptable level. So we recheck moisture levels and monitor the function of drying equipment. This is very important to reduce the risk of mold growth.

After the above steps, some construction work may be required to return the property to a pre-damage state. Depending on how bad the water damage was, this may involve minor repairs or reconstruction of badly affected building parts. 

Water Damage Mitigation

Whether water damage is sudden or gradual or caused by leaky pipes or heavy rain, it has the potential to cause extensive damage. The extent of water damage can worsen very quickly, and it is essential to take immediate steps to mitigate the damage. Water damage mitigation is the immediate measure taken to reduce water damage after a leak or a flood.

At VIP Restoration, we quickly respond to emergencies. Our IICRC-certified technicians assess the water damage and develop a customized plan for your property’s water damage restoration process. We mitigate the damage and work to restore your home or business to a pre-damage condition as quickly as possible. We use the latest equipment to ensure quick and thorough water damage restoration. Our highly-trained professional team, access to the newest technology, and strict adherence to industry standards ensure that our cleanup and water damage restoration services are of the highest quality. VIP Restoration believes that every customer deserves the best service. Our attention to their needs and quality work make us the most reliable and sought-after water damage restoration expert in Lanham, Maryland.

VIP Restoration has the experience and expertise to handle all the steps of the water damage restoration process. We take pride in our exemplary workmanship and service that never fail to impress our customers. We understand how important the safety of your home is. Our aim is to give customers back homes that are safe and comforting after our water damage restoration services.

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