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Not every restoration project comes as a response to a disaster. At VIP Restoration, we handle rebuilding and restoration in many different forms. Whether your restoration project is a result of smoke, fire, or water damage, the result of a mold infestation or sewage overflow, or just the desire to upgrade your environment, VIP Restoration has you covered. Not every home improvement project goes as planned and not every home or business owner possesses the type of skills necessary for a successful home improvement project. The Home Improvement team at VIP Restoration can help you to realize your interior and exterior design aspirations. No matter what area of your home or business requires an upgrade, the professional team at VIP Restoration can help you at every stage—from design until completion!

A shabby exterior can be a deterrent for your friends, family, and potential customers to enter your home or business. More than that, it creates the illusion that you don’t care about the appearance of your property—when nothing could be further from the truth! At VIP Restoration we can refurbish your worn-down exterior and upgrade it using new materials and techniques. Our experience in handling various types of disasters and damage has prepared us to handle any type of home improvement project with ease. Our design team understands the interior structures at work in buildings, as well as how to bring out the inner beauty in every property. Whether your sense of personal style is more in line with traditional and vintage trends, or a more modern style, VIP Restoration can work with you to create an interior that you can truly be proud of. Call (240) 512-9202 or email us at [email protected] to begin the process that ends with a new and improved environment for your home or business.

At VIP Restoration, we handle many different types of restoration jobs. Some of the restoration we do is a result of damage caused by flooding, fire, mold infestation, or sewage contamination. If your home or business has encountered damage due to any of these things—or anything else, for that matter—you may find yourself contemplating those home improvement projects and upgrades that you’ve been putting off. Now is the time to take advantage of a bad situation, and turn it around in your favor. At VIP Restoration, we guarantee a full restoration following any incident of water, fire, smoke, sewage, or mold damage. More than that, however, we can even upgrade your interior or exterior—creating a fresh new look for your property. Call or email the professional team at VIP Restoration today and receive a free consultation and estimate unique to your property and situation.

At VIP Restoration we are prepared to work with you every step of the way. Damage caused by water, fire, and sewage can be extreme, costly, and difficult to remediate. Most of the time, a lot of materials are deemed unsalvageable, and must be replaced. This is often the perfect time to look into upgrading and remodeling your interior. The professional team at VIP Restoration can help you to evaluate the situation. We are prepared to discuss your plans and aspirations, and make suggestions about building materials and methods that will best suit your needs. Every job is different, but there is no reason that the necessary restorations cannot be made to reflect your personal tastes. We can even help you when dealing with your insurance company. Our clients are the most important part of any job, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every interaction!
Our professional restoration and reconstruction team has experience remodeling all different types of interiors—both commercial and residential. From kitchens to bathrooms to break rooms, VIP Restoration can provide the type of interior you’ve always wanted your property to have. It is common for people to try and undertake these remodeling and home improvement projects without professional assistance—but a botched reconstruction or remodeling job can end up costing many times the initial cost of hiring a professional! Construction can be expensive and stressful, and there are no guarantees that you’ll get it right the first time. Worse, not all reconstruction and remodeling companies are created equal. Working with amateurs can lead to overruns, miscommunications, and an end result that bears little resemblance to your original plans. There are few things worse than dealing with a constant and visible reminder that your plans have gone astray, and nobody wants to get stuck with a home improvement project that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. When it comes to home improvement and interior and exterior design, it pays to consult the professionals at VIP Restoration. Our team consists of trained and certified contractors, with a broad reach of experience in many different areas of construction and remodeling. The team at VIP Restoration values your input and wants to work with you every step of the way to create the home improvement project you’ve always dreamed about!
At VIP Restoration, we don’t only offer home improvement and reconstruction services, however. We also offer water, smoke, and fire damage restoration, mold removal services, sewage cleanup, and home improvement services. If your home or business has experienced damage as a result of floods, fire, or sewage—then you need emergency service fast! VIP Restoration offers emergency first response services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so we can be there when you need us most. Our entire response team is IICRC certified, and we will bring the state of the art equipment we need to make an immediate assessment and begin containment of the situation. In addition, VIP Restoration also offers property surveys, in order to identify potentially unknown causes of excess moisture. Not every job is an emergency, but you can rest assured that at VIP Restoration we treat every single job as though the home or business were our own.